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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  July 9, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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fortunes i think. have a wonderful weekend. thanks a lot. lou will be back next week. thanks for joining us. >> we are very close to making a decision. they are excellent. you can't go wrong. trying to break in this morning. and just hours, president trump make it a landmark decision and not the the supreme court. pfo confirmation battle. gerri: investors shrug off a trade war with china and is to focus on better than expected jobs report from friday. trying to optimism of the economy stopping overnight. another positive open. premarket s&p up seven and three quarters, nasdaq up 23 and three
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quarters. printers stocks open higher as well. resignation of the british minister in charge of negotiating the british exit from the european union. trying to strong gains asian markets overnight. japan's nikkei up 1%. shanghai composite rebounded to play 5%. at the box office that was a disney weekend. >> maybe you just need someone watching your back. gerri: man the wasp does to the south of the weekend box office. i guess bugs are big money. we will have all the weekend winners. "fbn:am" starts right now.
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train 25:01 a.m. in new york. monday, july 9th. i'm cheryl casone. gerri: and gerri willis in for lauren simonetti. cheryl: a lot of breaking news. i have to tell you that second sequel to the ant man supposedly is hysterical. gerri: that's about my speed. cheryl: a lot of breaking news this morning. officials in thailand resuming the operation to rescue the remaining poison their soccer coach from a flooded cave. they lashed the region once again to replenish air tanks along the route. before they go into. 4:00 in the afternoon in thailand waiting for updates right now. >> boys have been trapped in a cave for more than two weeks.
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a diver died last week while preparing for the rescue mission. meanwhile, elon musk is testing a small tiny submarine that can be sent to thailand. showing being tested at the swimming pool at amazing. drink it took them six or so hours to put together. they will send it come arise in 17 hours from now and if they can use it, great. if not, it can be helped another operation down the line. quite a feat. gerri: i love the way he responds. elon musk getting involved here. train to the second rescue mission underway right now happening in thailand. president trump is set to announce his pick to replace retiring justice anthony kennedy. that will be tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. the final four candidates are
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kavanaugh, kethledge from the coney barrett and thomas hardiman. leo has been advising president trump over this nomination. >> he made the supreme court. it was one of the big factors that led to his election and hold in the u.s. senate. kept the momentum going and now it's got another opportunity. cheryl: a lot more details on those nominees in just a few moments. fox business while special coverage of the president's announcement tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. cheryl: won't want to miss that gave me my outcome across text for demutualization talks are uncertain this morning to secretary of state mike pompeo had to abu dhabi today with
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claims from the north with gangster like demands during the weekend on pyongyang. former u.s. ambassador speaking on "sunday morning futures" that this is typical negotiating tactics. the lane says bellicose, but still the problem here with significant gaps in what we want i'm denuclearization missiles in what the north koreans are there to do. >> the u.s. will continue with sanctions against the north korea with great thinker. >> president trump heading to europe tomorrow promising for a very tense meeting.
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few americans are paying for the whole thing. kay bailey hutchison on "fox news sunday" said that the president has made an impact on nato. >> every ally is increasing defense spending. because the largest increase since the cold war. in the year and a half their president trump has been in office, it has doubled since 2014. wrapped up with a summit with russian president vladimir putin in house thinking on july 16th . trump administration taken aside that obamacare freezing billions of dollars to insurers. >> tracey, good morning. they may have to raise rates for
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29 team if they don't get the risksharing payments they're expecting from the federal government. the drug administration to spend billions of dollars in payments following a february decision by a federal judge in new mexico. while the part of the program implementation is flawed hadn't been adequately justified by the federal regulators. cheryl: we've been talking about a public offering forever. finally it's here. >> wireless speaker company whose products gearing up for its ipo in early august under the nasdaq -- on the nasdaq. public filings with the sec showed it was also on track to generate more than $1 billion in revenue. >> this quarter amazing.
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let's talk about the new docs office topper. >> for the 10th time this year, a marvel character type weekend box office character. >> she seems more intense. >> antman in the loss outperforming the 2015th for nearly $20 million in second place incredible twos bringing its domestic total to just over $504 million. that's the first animated movie to top 500 million. jurassic world slipped to third place with 28 points 6 million then rounding out the top five,
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haven't seen any of them. train to the buzz on and demand a is the female lead in the movie that is one of the big selling points. it's evangeline lilly from lost. gerri: women can carry movies are the moral of the story. cheryl: thank you, tracee. check this out. this is incredible. motocross legend making history re-creating pre-iconic evil knievel stunts. first for evil knievel costume just over 52 cars. that's the stunt in 1973. then he successfully jumped over 16 buses which failed to land in a teen 75. but they saved the best for last. he cleared the fountains outside of caesars palace in vegas.
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he attended the sun back in 1967 that he crashed and broke 40 bones back in the day. getting the whole evil knievel costume. >> though is not the part of the night. those are amazing jobs. coming up, the woman dies from the deadly nerve agent we've been telling you about that. president trump said to name his pick for the supreme court will handicap potential justices. u.s. stock index futures right now. taking a look upwards open 102 points higher, s&p 500 up nine. the nasdaq up almost 26. you are watching the "fbn:am." ♪
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more? he has asked for... what? well he did say please (all boys): thank you, thank you, thank you.
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david davis unexpected withdrawal came after a cabinet meeting who solidified a planned for britain's future relationship with european union. the plan has drawn criticism from supporters who want a more fundamental flip from the e.u. meanwhile, the e.u. is watching a murder investigation after a woman exposed to a billionaire billionaire -- a nerve agent died. for months afterwards used to poison a former spy and his daughter in the u.k. sparking an international dispute between the u.k. and russia. russia has denied involvement in either incident and that is what is happening now. cheryl: shocking story of the
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u.k. dr. a top story that's president trump are praying for preparing for the big reveal of the supreme court nominee for justice anthony kennedy. >> and getting very close to making a final decision and i believe this person will do a great job. i'm very close to make a decision. i haven't made it official yet obviously, but we are very close to making a decision. they are excellent. everyone you can't go wrong. i'm getting close to make in a final decision. turning to criminal defense attorney doug burns with us. you're so great to talk to us about this. of course we have done before pics. brett kavanaugh. the westerner type. definitely a wildcard. and thomas hardiman always the bridesmaid because his been in
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this position before. do you have kind of a pick for a the successful in getting the confirmation. >> i think you're right. the conventional wisdom whatever they say with judge kavanaugh and judge coney barrett. i think judge thomas hardiman for the third circuit court of appeals would have a really good shot. i don't have a crystal ball obviously, but at the same time he was right in and make some may have been down to the last two choices last time to replace justice scalia. so he may get it this time. >> there is talk that is something president trump likes about hardiman. because of his background of his personal story, the first family to go to college. a runner-up to fill the seat and
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also his work on the u.s. court of appeals for the third circuit pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware, virgin islands with a strong record in the respect that record. he could get one or two democrats on board. >> the point is an excellent one. this president ran campaigns and functions as president on the idea of not necessarily going with the current supreme court including justice kennedy. six harvard grad, but three of the tours did not go to either of those two schools. justice alito came out of the third circuit. he served. judge hardiman described him as the dark horse. >> what if president trump or to
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go off and nominate amy coney barrett. that is a prediction for disaster as far as confirmation. the seventh circuit had a major run and with senator dianne feinstein of the religious beliefs. did you see president trump going down the route knowing it was going to be a dogfight? >> i can because on one hand you're exactly right there was a dustup with senator fiennes died who was troubled by her reliance on their own personal faith and religion, but on the other hand that maybe a bit of a red herring. the president believes the fight so you never know. cheryl: raymond kethledge, low-profile. we don't know what we're going to find out tonight. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure, thank you. gerri: flooding of the inside.
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the latest on the record rainfall. adam klotz is tracking the storm that is expected to become a hurricane today. checking u.s. stock index futures let's take a look at the gallop of hundred points. s&p 500 up nine, the nasdaq up 24. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ one second. barely enough time for this man to take a bite of turkey. but for cyber criminals it's plenty of time to launch thousands of attacks. luckily security analysts and watson are on his side. spotting threats faster and protecting his data with the most securely encrypted main frame in the world. it's a smart way to eat lunch in peace.
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sweet, oblivious peace.
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cheryl: devastating flooding in southwestern japan has left 100 people dead. senate president rescuers. after record rainfall there, thousands have lost power and are running out of water as temperatures climb up into the
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80s. authorities warning of marmots as possible in the coming days. train through for you at the door, ligature monday forecast with adam klotz. good morning, adam. >> good morning, trying for. good morning, cheryl. another really hot day across the country. not a lot as far as widespread rain unless you live along the east coast to showers popping up along the gulf coast. pay attention to the circulation of the coast of the carolinas. that is becoming our second hurricane of the season. this is tropical storm grace will become hurricane chris likely later today. the coast of the carolinas running perpendicular to the coast. unless you're going to be right on the water where you see the rip current or little bit choppier surf, i don't think anyone will see any real impact from this as far as dorms or
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wind or things of that nature. maybe some choppier seeds. this will continue to move off the coast, but he cannot make a large impact. temperatures across the country today, guys. we are going to be back up in the middle 90s in the middle of the country. spots hitting triple digits. gerri: thank you for that. i love the forecasts of hurricane chris not hitting. cheryl: thanks, adam. they are called the world's greatest rock 'n roll band. they may be old but they are still rolling in dough. we would say about the latest deal for the rolling stones. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and warren buffet rolling in dough. we'll tell you who has got more money out of the two. taking a look at features on your monday. popping up even more. s&p of nine and three quarters, nasdaq up 28. you are watching "fbn:am."
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>> we're very close to making a decision. you can't go wrong. >> raking us this morning. in just hours, president trump set to make a landmark decision and seek his nominee for the supreme court of the president's pick may save enough how confirmation battle. >> we are taking a look at those investors shrugged off a trade war with china focusing on better-than-expected jobs that the report came in on friday and it was pretty good. >> optimism over the economy helping stock futures overnight golf 108 on the dow. of 10 on the s&p 500. 29 on the nasdaq. >> stocks open higher as well
5:29 am
despite the surprising resignation of the british minister in charge of negotiating the british exit from the e.u. more on that later. gerri: strong gains in asia on the back of the u.s. gained on friday. japan's nikkei at 1.2% in the shanghai composite index rebounding 2.5% and at the box office it was an all busy weekend. cheryl: also will talk about this. i don't know how. certainly good. cheryl: these guys come at the rolling stones raking in the dough. the new deal we are going to tell you about. "fbn:am" continues right now. coming up on 5:30 a.m. in new york. it is monday, get excited. i'm cheryl casone.
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we have a big week ahead at gerri: good morning. gerri willis in for lawrence simonetti. supreme court nomination with lots going on in the market. inc. earnings on friday. let me tell you, you better watch. cheryl: the president going overseas but shall be lots of fun. the separate president trump and what is left to right now. he's set to announce his pick for the supreme court later tonight. before he even said they'd come the democrats already claiming that name. >> it's an historic decision. more than the next election. >> the future of america is at stake. >> i've never seen the president of the united states make himself a puppet and choose from a group of right wing fringe ideologues. >> what can we expect in the battle? considering that congressman jason ault myers at the center public u.s. senate jack deal.
5:31 am
good morning. let's start with you on the politics of all of this. for nominees. the wildcard being amy coney barrett. all of this is who can make it through. do you think the president has taken that into consideration, can make it through the confirmation process or is it more about the ideology? >> will, when he was campaigning he talked about wanting to make sure constitutionalists are serving on the bench. the tilting at take. i think republicans ultimately got behind him and american voters to make sure the supreme court does its job to a year to the constitution. >> this is going to be quite a fight for the democrats. you've got dick durbin urging colleagues basically, jason, to not -- do what is best for constituents and to basically step aside and let the dems
5:32 am
ideology forced the debate even if it meant losing in the midterms. i'm talking about heidi heitkamp, joe manchin, joe donnelly, democrats up for reelection in november and states that trump one. he is telling them, look, this is about the supreme court. not about your reelection. that jeopardizes the party. >> with senator durbin said a sickly as he's willing to sacrifice a few of his democratic colleagues to win the political fight over the supreme court nomination. to be honest, that's the reason democrats are in the minority in the first place is that type of thinking, not letting members of the senate in this case they've done it in the house as well. these are people elected by their constituents. their first job first and foremost is to stir them speak for the people they were elected to represent. the three senators that she mentioned her in a very difficult but politically.
5:33 am
no question about it. i'm not going to prejudge which way they're going to go. for senator durbin to come in and say he knows what is best for the people of virginia, north dakota and indiana, that is just not acceptable because again, that is the reason democrats are the minority in the first place in the reason they fight so hard to get back into the majority if they put themselves in that thought in the first place. >> i want you to listen to a republican from missouri have to say about this process and what he thinks about where the president should go. blessing. >> i'm not sure i'm leaving anywhere. i think they are good judges. they think they would be fine justices of the supreme court. i do think the president have to think about who is the easiest to get confirmed your end will do that on a normal timetable in a couple months.
5:34 am
cheryl: what you make of that, jeff? a very reasonable point of view he has good bat that life is reasonable in american politics these days. >> this should not be an easy pick. this is something important for the american people the obstructionism by the democrats shows that the party over the people of this country and with elizabeth warren, my opponent in the senate race will see a lot of grandstanding, but not considering what is important for the people. it's very interesting tonight and i'm looking forward to a pic that is going to be a selection, but i also expect to see democrats really looking to dig in politically enough for the people. cheryl: will have you back to talk about elizabeth warren today. thank you both for being here. guys, thank you. don't forget to stay with fox business tonight. live coverage of the supreme court announcement starts at
5:35 am
7:00 p.m. eastern time. the big announcement at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. gerri: breaking news on the story of thailand. rescue workers just moved another person into an ambulance. this comes after officials resumed their operations today to rescue the remaining boys and their soccer coach from a flooded cave. yesterday they successfully rescued for boys before heavy monsoon rains lashed the region. looking at pictures here. the boys have been trapped in a cave for more than two weeks. ambulances approaching the cave entrance. a helicopter as you are here. obviously some of what's going on in the just have a young boy removed. so good news there. >> will keep you updated as the rescue operation is underway right now. chinese filmmaker xiao ming stumbling on their trading debut. gerri: tracee carrasco joins us
5:36 am
at joins us with more on that another headlines. good morning, tracee. spin the good morning. one of the largest ipos, fell in their trading debuts today. even as the broader market rose. there've been a $16.60. 2.4% of $17. the company the lower range given company evaluation if it did $4 billion. gerri: talking about the rolling stones. they have a new deal. >> you can't always get what she wanted to see where the rolling stones. the rolling stones have extended their 10 year deal with universal music group just before was about to expire on july 25th. the new expanded deal includes audiovisual catalogs, global merchandise of the famous tongue logo and brand management terms were not disclosed, but the
5:37 am
extension is said to be, quote, long-term. >> they still at it, right? >> they are still alive shockingly good this is interesting. somebody just asked warren buffett is the third richest person. >> x-ray appeared with an estimated $81.6 billion, mark zuckerberg is the third richest person in the world. as you said, zuckerberg climbed in the billionaire's index sector shares of face that close to .4% to the record of $203.22. the top three richest people in the world now opening the tech sector. zuckerberg.trails and besides your jeff bezos and microsoft founder bill gates. gerri: and that is a very special club. thank you for that. folks, if you were a costco shopper, get ready for some
5:38 am
change in the food court. the company revamping their menu with healthier options like a stocky ball, organic or verse, even salad. the hot dog sold for soda for $1.50 will remain on the menu. that is a great deal by the way. 12% so far this year. gerri: does a good deal. is hillary clinton secretly planning to run for the white house again? we will take a look. jpmorgan chase, citigroup, wells fargo, pnc report earnings this friday. how will earnings be affected with a trade war with china? u.s. stock index futures right now. the dow points open up 107 points. s&p 500 up almost 10. nasdaq up 29.5. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪
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turned to welcome back. taking a look at features on your monday. lucy volumes pick up today. the dow was up 101 in the premarket. s&p up nine and a quarter and the nasdaq up 27 and a quarter. president trump's lawyer rudy giuliani demanding evidence from robert mueller before any possible interview with the
5:42 am
president. >> i think we are pretty much decided where we are and we await the decision of the independent counsel. we would not recommend an interview for the president unless they can satisfy us that there are some basis of this investigation. >> this lessens the chance for a sitdown between trump and robert mueller. former hillary clinton advisor philip brian tweeting out the address and contact info for a virginia bookstore as payback for the bookstore not letting a customer to rest from her chief strategist steve fanning. they called police after they began shouting at an allegedly calling him a piece of trash. he simply treated the public information wasn't encouraging behavior. hillary clinton for 2020? a new op-ed in "the new york post" is suggesting it's not that far-fetched an idea appeared columnist michael goodwin pointed out how they've
5:43 am
been increasing fund-raising efforts on combating president trump's policy position in recent weeks. they also suggest could attend tonight a democratic dirty step up in a battle itself. that is what is happening now. gerri: which he thinking? third times a charm? though the u.s. disputes with china a near perfect record earnings? and the numbers start to roll in this week it must to our moat stocks and michael li, principal and investment advisory group joining us now. great to have you here. friday, guys know we had or did $4 billion to terrorists going into effect. more could be coming in a couple weeks. how long will the market continued to ignore this? >> they ignored a friday when they came out friday, july 6th to really admit to market with step, but all in all the market was filling nature last week so
5:44 am
i don't take way too much of the rally. the markets have reacted to tears. part of the recently been stuck in this range since february since the market sold off. getting the traction in the dow and s&p and you are not really falling off a cliff. july is a very important month. it's earnings season and that is critical. >> i was just going to get to that. the banks of the second quarter expect it to post earnings of 22.7%. the s&p 500 earnings of 19.5%. who doesn't like this? what do you expect to name just a reminder to people out there when jpmorgan chase moves through the numbers for the first quarter, their stock went down. >> i'm expect more of the same numbers. what is holding back the banks is the shape of the yield curve. short-term interest rates and
5:45 am
longer term interest rate than that is a very small margin right now because typically banks borrow short and lend long. i expect the yield curve to increase over time. what we are interested in these banks is there forward guidance. how they expect strong growth, what are they seeing out there from the can tumor in the guidance going forward. otherwise i would expect blowout earnings, big eyebags, dividend increases. transfer we like to hear that. that is for sure. with talk about the jobs report you brought up earlier given a big lift to the markets, but the elephant in the room with wages that were sort of naysaying. it wasn't a big month for wage growth. what you see going forward? any reference to wages that these earnings reports? what you see in your crystal ball? >> i wish i had a crystal ball.
5:46 am
as far as wages go, vicious part of the course. you will see this take effect over time. trump's policies are working. but that jobs numbers on friday, wage growth is one of the things they are working on in the future. companies looking at the next six months, 12 months into 29th team, they will start to have to compete for better employees. if people are going out and quitting their jobs, which they are quitting their jobs to find other jobs which is very unusual. they are doing it to better themselves through part of this is optimism, consumer confidence and this is all due to the idea of trumps policies. the market has been lacking, but looking ahead it some point music companies pay for employees. gerri: they are already competing for employees. michael quickly, we don't have a lot of time left, but the dog
5:47 am
days of summer, august upon us, are you expecting more volatility because volume should be lower and what should individual investors do as we head into the late summer? >> you're totally right about volatility especially with the increasing rhetoric that if we do see some volatility, figure out means you like and price point you like to interact with. gerri: great advice from you guys. thank you so much for coming on today. appreciate your advice and your time. cheryl: coming up in sports news come in baseball the all-star lineups have been announced. jared mack says the team rosters for us. in tennis of his manic monday at wimbledon. the matchups where everybody plays and then some. taking a look at features right now, the dow up one to seven in the premarket come at us and obtained, not back up 20 and three quarters.
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gerri: and welcome back to rosters announced for next week's baseball all-star game. trendy jared max, who is out there? >> midsummer classic next to sandbox. five players each from the three division leaders. division leaders good red sox, indians come astros pulled represented. american lakers will back curse at nationals park. josé berry first, jose ramirez at third. no way josé. look at the starting outfield for the american league. mookie batts, mike trout, aaron
5:52 am
judge. freddy freeman at the nl east braves at first base. the goal in iraq not go ingrained in crawford as a short cut. the braves make my take is, and that kind embrace harper at the nationals run at the starters are the national league outfield next tuesday on fox. five candidates to get the boat on the american league all-star game. four hits in event socks sixth consecutive win. came down to break the layer seven to four. sox lead the yankees by two games. the defending champions lead the al west by 3.5 over seattle. houston complete a four-game sweep of the white sox to the wind. brendan demos signaled the only hit he allowed.
5:53 am
shin tzu chiu set a team record number of reaching safely at the 47th street game. 47 arroyo. it has been here as we can at chase field in phoenix yesterday the diamondbacks honored this hero, todd at the golden retriever saved his owner from a rattlesnake. he got it on the face that he is a hero indeed. one of the most exciting days at wimbledon. all 16 singles in action including robert federer. he's won it twice. he'll be hitting before today. serena williams to take the title again. the only remaining top 10 plays out. manic monday at wimbledon. cheryl: nothing on the world cup. >> a little bit of a break because there was no soccer in tomorrow at all picks out. cheryl: at penguin one.
5:54 am
breaking news. jared, thank you. catch during sports reports fox news headline 24/7 sirius xm channel 115. gerri: the european union has resigned. we will go live to london for a look at the fallout strata had on "fbn:am." ♪ with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ [music playing] (ceo) haven't been playing golf this year, i am sorry about that.
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cheryl: the u.k. minister overseeing britain's exit from the european union abruptly resigning last night in dominik named as his replacement. peter dixon, global equities economist. good morning, peter. would he know about him? >> we know he is a brexit supporter, but i do expect he has a shot at delivering to the e.u., which they might ask.two delivery plan. >> this could be maybe good news for theresa may is better suited i guess. earnings season kicking off this friday. jpmorgan chase, citi, wells fargo.
5:58 am
do you think it's going to be a solid quarter for the banks? >> yeah, hopefully the banks will do okay. the text will perform quite well, too. looking forward to a pretty good earnings season on the can expect items to worry about sort of trade wars. the markets have only stuck to her a few months time. >> so much going on with earnings season. they should be up nearly 20% a 19.5%. do you think that is going to propel markets higher over the summer here as we head into the late summer? >> well, there's a reasonable chance and they are already again. i do expect all the good priced in. let's not get too carried away. >> peter, thank you for that. thank you for watching "fbn:am."
5:59 am
we now say good morning to maria bartiromo. >> hey there, ladies. happy monday. i am maria bartiromo. monday, july 9th. top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. escalating fears on hold once again. the start of trading this morning the dow industrials up 115 points. the s&p f11 right now but do not back up 30 points. almost half a percent higher as well. friday the major averages followers drawn june jobs report citing the market up 100 on the dow industrials up 23 points on friday on the s&p can the nasdaq picking up a cool 102 points on friday. the report is also higher. momentum continues this morning. 32 points, one half of 1%. bac of two thirds of a percent. 36 points higher in the dax up a third of a percent right now. coming as investors are monitoring there is the british
6:00 am
prime minister to rescind a beta replacement for the cheap exit negotiator. she resigned last night. all the details on that. markets closed higher across the board. shanghai composite of 2.5% overnight. hang seng in hong kong up one of a 3% of the nikkei average in japan up one and a quarter% to the race to replace justice kennedy will announce a supreme court nomination at 9:00 p.m. eastern. the president said yesterday he'll choose between for excellent candidate. >> are very close to making a decision. not made official yet obviously, but we are very close to making a decision. >> made by rescuers but they partially flooded cave complex in thailand after four of them were brought to safety over the weekend. we will take you there live with the latest details. the chinese companies


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